Style Trial | Charlotte Olympia ‘Bear Necessities’ shoes

Charlotte Olympia Bear Necessities shoes


Charlotte Olympia Bear Necessities shoes Charlotte Olympia Bear Necessities shoes Charlotte Olympia Bear Necessities shoes

Charlotte Olympia ‘Bear Necessities’ pumps, £565

Charlotte Olympia has never been a brand we’ve ever associated with the word “ordinary”. We described designer Charlotte Dellal as “the Queen of Quirk” in yesterday’s post, and just like any reigning monarch, she has her trusted supporters, and her sworn enemies.

Which one of those groups you find yourself a member of will probably determine how you’re likely to vote in this edition of Style Trial. If you love Olympia, and Della’s particular brand of off-the-wall style, you might just love the idea of a pair of shoes with a teddy bear’s head glued to the toes. Sorry, make that TWO teddies. Well, it would be weird if there was just one, wouldn’t it?

If, however, you’re not so keen on the unholy alliance of stuffed animals and shoes, there’s a good chance you’re looking as the evidence before you right now, and wondering allowed what grown adult would wear them, much less pay £565 for them. We hear you. After all, if it’s a fashion crime when Irregular Choice do it, the additional digits on the price tag surely don’t make these shoes innocent, do they?

Underneath that woodland-themed upper, and the two cartoon bears, however, there’s a classic pair of pumps just dying to get out. The shape of this shoe is fairly standard: there’s a high stiletto heel, a small, and somewhat pointless looking platform, and a pointed toe. So far, so standard. But then there are The Bears. And the trees. And those two elements alone are enough to make us want to put these shoes on trial, and ask you what you think of them.

What DO you think of them? Are they cute, quirky and refreshingly whimsical, or are they yet more evidence of how the Dress Like a Toddler Trend is slowly infiltrating everything?*

Are they innocent or guilty of committing crimes of fashion?

(*To be fair, we don’t see many toddlers in stilettos. They’d probably like the bears, though.)


  • October 16, 2013


    If they were flat my daughter would love these. lol

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  • October 16, 2013


    They are adorable, but look a little bit to childish. If they were flats, it would be great for kids.

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  • October 18, 2013


    Ugly. Especially The Bear itself isn’t even a nice bear.

    I have a chicken-and-egg problem here: Are designers like these making people stupid by brainwashing them season after season, or is it like in the proverb that says that “The cleverness of the fox is really the stupidity of the chicken”?

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  • October 18, 2013


    the forest pattern is ugly. It would be ugly on something for which a forest pattern was not unconventional. The bear looks cheaply made.

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