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We’ve already talked about pink coats as a fashion trend for this autumn/winter, but pink isn’t the only colour dominating the outerwear world right now: in fact, another, slightly less “safe” colour has also been cropping up on coats and jackets this season: we’re talking yellow, folks. Neon yellow, to be specific. Bright yellow coats are one of the slightly more unusual trends of the year, and we need to know what you think of them. First, however, let’s take a look at the evidence:

Bright Yellow Coats for winter 2013

bright yellow coats

Coats by Topshop // Orla Keily // Zara

Yellow itself isn’t an unusual colour for outwear, of course: in fact, mustard yellow is shade we see fairly often on coats and jackets – it has a nice, autumnal feel to it, and can be a more interesting alternative to the usual, darker winter colours. NEON yellow, however, is a different matter altogether, and the bright yellow coats we’re starting to see in stores are a far cry from that mustard pea coat you might have bought a few seasons ago. Yellow is a difficult colour in general for many people. Even in its less bright forms, it can be a tricky shade to wear, making some complexions looks a little sickly, and that in itself is enough to scare a lot of people off – for very good reason. Then there’s the sheer drama of the colour. Bright yellow is a shade that can’t help but get noticed, regardless of what it appears on: there’s no blending into the crowd in a coat this colour (unless everyone ELSE in the crowd is wearing bright yellow coats, too, obviously…), and if you go for one of the neon shades, you’re going to REALLY stand out. Whether that’s a reason to buy one, or a reason to avoid them is, of course, a matter of opinion. 

So, what IS your opinion on bright yellow coats? Do you see them as a refreshing change from all of the safer outerwear options, or would you feel too much like a workman in one, regardless of the shape?

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