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Style Stealer: Kim Kardashian in Topshop’s ‘Cosmic’ shoulder dress


Kim Kardashian has been looking amazing lately, and hey, isn't it nice to know that, just this once, you can actually buy this actual dress, rather than some cheap copy of it? Or you can if you have a Topshop within visiting-distance, anyway, because this is sold out on the website, which means that if you like it, you're going to have to run the gauntlet of the store itself, and have a good old rummage for it.

It's Topshop's 'Cosmic' dress, which comes complete with some sticky-out shoulders which, as we're sure you all know, are this season's must have feature – thanks, Balmain! Luckily these ones aren't too extreme, and serve to give the dress some structure as opposed to making you look like an extra from Dynasty.

If you can find it, it'll cost you £38.

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