Style Stealer | Grey pleated skirts by J.W. Anderson and River Island

grey skirts

The Fashion Police are basically addicted to buying full skirts at the moment, and the bigger and more dramatic they are, they better. (We’re seriously not joking about the “addicted” part: we may need an intervention…) When we saw this full, pleated J.W. Anderson midi skirt at Shopbop, then, we knew we loved it. And when we saw it a few days later, on one of our favourite fashion bloggers, Atlantic Pacific, we knew we loved it even more. Well, there’s nothing like a big skirt to set Fashion Police hearts a-fluttering, and while grey isn’t generally a colour we lust over (Bad memories of too many grey school skirts), the fact that it’s just as versatile as black but a little less harsh against our pasty complexions makes us willing to give it a shot.

The J.W. Anderson skirt, however, is almost £500. No way will we be giving THAT a shot, then.

Luckily. however, it’s River Island to the rescue. We’ve had a lot of love for their scuba skater skirts lately, and this grey midi version (also available in a shorter length) provides us with a way to steal that J.W. Anderson style for just £35. Which is MUCH more reasonable, we’re sure you’ll agree.

Is it identical to the designer skirt? Nope.

Is it as nice as it? Nope.

Is it vaguely similar, in a way that will let you recreate the basic look, without having to survive on Ramen noodles for the rest of the month? We think so. And apparently some other people think so too, because this is sold out at River Island in this length. Luckily, our officers managed to track it down at ASOS, where there are still some sizes available.

(One of these might have fallen into our basket while the officers were investigating, so we’ll interrogate it soon for you in a Fashion Police review…)

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