Style Stealer: Alice & Olivia Vs Chi Chi London

style stealer: Alice & Olivia vs Chi Chi London

OK, so one is a dress and one is a top + skirt combo, but if you’re looking for the same look on a budget (and we’ve no idea why you wouldn’t be, really…) you could do worse than compare Alice + Olivia’s ‘Justina’ skirt (£550) and matching top  (£225), with Chi Chi London’s Bobbie dress, which represents quite a saving, at just £65.

These two outfits have a similar, but not identical look: if we’re being honest, we’d have to say the Alice + Olivia skirt has the edge on looks, with the gold embroidery making much more of an impact than on the Chi Chi London dress. Then again, the dress is that little bit more subtle, and a whole lot more wearable, given that the top half doesn’t leave any of the skin of your torso exposed, like the Alice + Olivia crop top. (You could, of course, wear the Alice & Olivia skirt with a different top, if the exposed skin really bothered you, but it might not have quite the same effect.)

Counsel for the Alice & Olivia combo might well argue that it’s better value as you can wear both skirt and top with other items, which you can’t really do with a dress. In this case, though, the price makes all the difference: yes, you get two items, but it’s not exactly two-for-the-price of one, is it? No, it’s more like two for the price of almost 12 Chi Chi London dresses: which is what you’d get for the price of the skirt and top on the left.

Case closed? It is for us, but just in case you need any more convincing, take a look at some Chi Chi dress on their website here, featuring some of our favourite Chi Chi London dresses (or check them out in action here and here).

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