Stuck in a Style Rut? Here’s three quick ways to climb out…

Stuck in a style rut? Sick of opening up your closet every morning, seeing the same, tired old items staring back at you, and not wanting to wear ANY of them? Got tons of clothes but absolutely nothing to wear? Here are three quick ways to climb out of that style rut and find your way back to the land of the stylish…

how to break out of a style rut

How to break out of a style rut

Before we get into our three quick tips, here’s one thing to remember when you’re stuck in a style rut:

Don’t go shopping.

It’s easy to see new clothes as the obvious answer to this particular dilemma, but if everything you own seems tired and stale, a huge shopping spree isn’t necessarily the answer: you’re much more likely to buy things on impulse, or end up simply acquiring more of the same things that aren’t quite working for you. Try these quick tricks instead:

1. Cut your hair

Now, we’re not suggesting you need to do anything drastic here (although there’s obviously nothing stopping you, if that’s what you feel like), so step away from those scissors, sister. Sometimes even a small change to your hair style, however, can make you look at your wardrobe in a whole new way. What worked with your old style might look totally different with a new one, and a new ‘do can help inspire you to try clothing combinations and style you might otherwise not have considered.

2. Change your make-up

Again, you don’t need to overhaul everything here, but if you’re the kind of girl who goes for the same makeup look every day (or doesn’t wear anything at all), it could be time to switch things up again. As with the hair, even something as simple as a different lip colour can create a subtle change that’s just enough to let you break out of your style rut and start experimenting with new combinations to suit the new “you”.

3.  Try everything on.

OK, so NOW it’s time to go shopping. Window shopping, that is. Before you take the plunge and actually buy anything, take the time to have a good look around the shops, and try things on. And when we say “try things on”, we mean “try EVERYTHING on”. Pick up items you wouldn’t consider wearing in a million years: clothes that are totally different from your usual style, or which you can’t imagine ever having the opportunity to wear. Now take them to the changing room and give them a go. You may well conclude that your instincts were correct and they’re totally not for you, but you might also be surprised by how much you like something you wouldn’t have previously considered wearing. You never know until you give it a try, do you?

What are your tips for breaking free of a style rut?

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