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Style on Trial: Warehouse utility flying suit

Warehouse are to stand trial in the Fashion Police court for crimes of attempting to pass off a boiler suit as fashion.  One of our friends had a dad who used to wear an item not dissimilar to this one to do his job.  He was a plumber.

Yes readers, it seems that fashion has moved on from the humble jumpsuit and has morphed into the flying suit (and for ‘flying suit’ read ‘boiler suit’).  We are not keen on this look ourselves – it reminds us of a 1982 Bucks Fizz album where the band are all dressed in flying suits having just done a parachute jump.  Not that this wouldn’t be a perfectly acceptable garment to wear if we were intending throwing ourselves out of a plane – but most days?  That’s not on our agenda.

What do you think though?  Are Warehouse guilty as charged?  Would you like to dress like a tradesman?  Would you pay £60 for the privilege?  If you would, you can buy it here.

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