Style on Trial: Vivienne Westwood Red Label Witch silk-blend dress


The Fashion Police love Vivienne Westwood, we really do. We’d live inside her closet if we could. Well, OK, maybe not.

Recent discussions on the rise (and rise.. and rise…) of wet-look fashion, however, has made us stop and think twice about this dress. It’s called a “Witch” dress, and we can see why, because it has more than a touch of the “Oh, hai, I’m your next Halloween costume!” about it, no? And the back has… well, we hesitate to mention it, but maybe just a touch of the “bin bag”:


Because it’s Viv, though, we really want to like it, so we’re going to abdicate all responsibility on this one and simply put it to you, readers: is this a crime of fashion? Or is it innocent of all charges?

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