Style on Trial: Viktor & Rolf off-shoulder shirt dress

Behold, the humble shirt dress!

It’s always been one of the fashion world’s more casual accouterments, but this one by Viktor & Rolf really takes “casual” to the limits, because rather than going for the “Oh, hey, I just rolled out of bed and threw on my boyfriend’s shirt, aren’t I adorable?” look, it’s proceeded straight to, “I borrowed it from a lopsided giant, it doesn’t fit me AT ALL, and I feel a bit like the madwoman in the attic in it, but I’m just going to wear it anyway, because I am seriously THAT COOL.” Or something like that, anyway.

(Don’t you just love the model’s expression in the photo on the far right? She’s all, “WHUT? Yoos never seen edgy fashun before?”)

What do you think, readers? Is this new incarnation of the shirt dress pleasing to your eye, or does it just make you ROLL your eyes, and think, “For the love of God, woman, put some pants on!” Tell us!

(Click here to buy it for a whopping $1,125 at Shopbop)

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