Style on Trial: The Unholy Alliance of Leopard and Gingham

Sequined leopard print and … gingham. They’re not the first prints we’d choose to put together, it has to be said. One is sweet, the other not-so-much, and even when they’re both sprinkled liberally with sequins, as in this Ashish dress, the effect is… well, let’s start with unexpected (which can, of course, be either a good thing or a bad thing) and work from there, shall we?

Pattern mixing, you see, is pretty popular at the moment in the world of fashion, and it’s something that can be hard to get right, so what we want to know is: did Ashish manage it with this dress? Have they pulled off the unholy alliance of gingham and leopard with aplomb, or is this a case of “never the twain should meet”?

Over to you…

(Click here to buy the dress for £965 from Browns)

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