Men like me like this kind of clothing on women. …

Comment on Style on Trial: The Boob-Window Dress, as seen on Taylor Cole by EricB.

Men like me like this kind of clothing on women. My girlfriend wears that for me to see but she says she’d rather not leave the house in it.

As for Ms Cole … are they real or fake?

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Monday Morning Mysteries
Everything in this list, except the quilted skirt, is very playful. NSFW in a way, but playful.

The slashed trousers are actually kind of cool. Especially in summer when it’s hot. But you need sunscreen.

Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong has better things to do than worry about saggy pants
I’m surprised Green Day is even interesting enough to make it onto your blog.

Speaking of saggy pants…
What kind of lifestyle is this look meant to represent? An I-Don’t-Care attitude?

Wear or Die: Ugly Prom Dress Edition
Since my girlfriend is a redhead, it would be hard to pick any of these because of the colours pink and orange. Yet, we both would agree the one on the left would suit her figure just that much better than the other one.

Abbey Clancy at the GQ Men of the Year Award
I’d call this high fashion for exhibitionists. Those people would look happy wearing it. But she does not. Why did she choose to wear it when it does not make her happy?

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