Style On Trial: Swimwear that looks like underwear

Norma Kamali lace bikiniSo you’re languishing on the beach, and a girl walks past in her underwear.  Only she’s not in her underwear, she’s wearing a bikini by Norma Kamali that looks like underwear, but isn’t.

We like the overall style of the bikini – the shape is so lovely and retro and we’d wear this as underwear in a flash.  Or as swimwear were it a solid fabric.  We’re just not sure we can get on board with the lace swimwear.

What do you think of this concept (there’s a one piece costume available too)?  Would you wear swimwear that looks like you accidentally wore your lacy undies to the pool?  Or do you prefer your swimwear to look more like, well, swimwear?

You can buy the briefs (£95) and top (£200) from Net-a-Porter.

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