Style on Trial: Shorts with visible pockets

Ah, the visible pocket shorts! This is hardly a new thing: in fact, every time we look at these, or others like them, we’re reminded of our teenage years, in which we’d hack off the legs of a pair of jeans to turn them unto cutoffs, only to go a little too far, and end up with the pockets hanging out the legs, to say nothing off our butt cheeks.

To actually create this look deliberately, though, by intentionally elongating the pockets on a pair of pre-made shorts… well, it’s like calling yourself “punk” and then buying all of your clothes artfully pre-ripped, isn’t it? And that’s exactly what’s happened here. In fact, the exaggerated length of these pockets gives them a bit of a droopy, sad-sack look to them, no?

What do you think of visible pockets on $100 shorts, readers? If you’re fully behind the idea, these ones are by Maison Scotch, and you can click here to buy them.

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