And the only problem with this is… the sleeves? …

Comment on Style On Trial: Roisin Murphy at the Sepentine Gallery Summer Party in London by Katharine.

And the only problem with this is… the sleeves?

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Comme des Garcons get busy with the sharpies for Fall/Winter 2009
It’s witty I suppose. Kind of thing one can only wear once, though, which is kind of a shame at those prices. I’m glad they didn’t go the whole witty length of doing the shorts in the same style as the shoes, if you know what I mean and I think you do.

Style on Trial: Gareth Pugh’s pleated culotte trousers
I’m not about to buy them for two grand, but I actually had a pair of very similar pants a while back – long, pleated, formal. They were stunning, and comfortable, and elegant, and I loved them. I like the waistband on the Pughs. Mine were sewn down I think or something over the hips. (I am, for the record, quite short and hippy, but for some reason I seem to suit wide-legged trousers anyway. Or at least enjoy wearing them, which is the same thing in the end.)

Fashion Police Fraud Squad: Christian Louboutin Vs Jessica Simpson
I like the JSimp shoes better too. I prefer the look of the covered platform, for one. And the Louboutins are too much with the white stitching for my taste.

More evidence of the sack dress revival: Topshop’s denim pocket tunic
That looks – awesome, actually. With a pair of heather-grey leggings and a scarf. Comfortable, but with a slight shaping princess seam – and pockets! Why doesn’t women’s wear always have pockets, I ask you? Perfect weekend wear, except that Topshops don’t grow here.

Best of The Fashion Police: Ugly, ugly shoes by John Fluevog
Oo, do NOT knock the Mini sole and heel until you’ve tried them! That upper is indeed hideous (and would be, IMHO, with any sole/heel combination you chose) but the spindle-shaped Mini heel? And “workboot” sole? If you are looking for the high heel you can TRULY wear all day? Look no further. The heel you can run in – REALLY run? This is it. And, in person, it’s not nearly as clunky as it seems in photos. I’ve got the Mini Lily Darlings, and not only have they lasted me for four years now, they still get compliments from strangers in the street.
(For, on the other hand, yet another Mini Fail, check this out: It’s like the shoe Baby Barbie would have worn.)

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