Style on Trial: Rochas brocade skinny pants

Woah, man, these pants are, like, totally awesome! Like really, way out! If I stare long enough, I can totally, like, see stuff in them! Sweet, dude!

Of course, if you’re not a seventies hippy throwback, you might find reason to question the design of these trousers. If, for example, the idea of camel toe doesn’t appeal, a pattern which emphasises the area may not be to your taste. Similarly, if you’d rather minimise your thighs, big circular targets highlighting each individually might not create the desired effect.

Or maybe you’re tall and svelte and want to play up the 70s revival, in which case these brocade trousers, teamed with wooden platforms and loose flowing locks could be the perfect solution! If so you can grab a pair from Net-a-Porter for £985.

What do you think? Yay or Nay?

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