I would expect to find these shoes on the feet …

Comment on Style on Trial: Prada velvet embroidered heels with fringe and stud detail. by Andara.

I would expect to find these shoes on the feet of Grace Jones in a scene from Mad Max.

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Tartan Terrors: Irregular Choice’s plaid flats
The boyfriend just looked over and said, “I’ve seen those before. Weren’t they on a witch?”

They’re called pumps. Pumps are specifically shoes without fastenings, and I can quite clearly see a button on those.

It also amuses me how the product details just cuts off in the middle of a word, and there are no items in the “May we suggest” section.

If this were a wear or die, I’m not sure I’d survive.


Christopher Kane for Topshop: what do you think?
I think all of the pieces with shisha (embroidery that uses little mirrors) and eyelets would benefit greatly from better lighting or something to show how the reflections shift with movement.

Heck, the whole line looks badly advertised. What’s with the pose for the girl in the yellow Bandage Dress? (It does come in another color) And I’m not sure I’d call that a bandage dress so much as a dress with mesh cutouts. And is it my imgaination, or are the eyelets on the hips of the Embellished Bodycon Dress too low to properly highlight the arch of the hips?

Although, all of the Embellished tops are pretty awful, with the way they pretty much draw the eye to the breasts and abdomen. And don’t miss the eyelet dress (not shown here). The pattern of eyelets isn’t bad, but the fabric is sheer and looks really cheap. Check out the images from the back of the dress on a mannequin; it looks just atrocious. Actually it looks like all of the Embellished but two styles are mesh fabric, and it all looks tacky on the mannequins.

He’s got an Embellished Hoodie, however, that has a much better pattern on it, to go with not being transparent. If they made a dress or top with a similar pattern and solid fabric, I’d be sorely tempted to get it.


Christopher Kane for Topshop: what do you think?
That is precisely what I thought!


Mark Fast uses “plus sized” models in London Fashion Week Show
I love the idea of having more average-size women on runways.

I’d love it more if the fashions worn weren’t hideous and actually fit in any sense of the word, however.


Arrested: Mark Fast Mini Dress with Cut-out Detail
Oh, and please don’t miss the fact that since it’s a knit/mesh design, you can see right through it at every point that stretches!

I can’t see this being appropriate anywhere other than the beach.


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