Does anyone else think a) Roman legionaries b) aliens from …

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Does anyone else think a) Roman legionaries b) aliens from the old Flash Gordon series?

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Supermarket Sweep | The Best of Supermarket Fashion
I once went to a supermarket to buy a toothbrush and came home with a coat. The friend who just went with me to keep me company bought two pullovers and a bag. You’re not alone 🙂

Wanted Wednesday | Anthropologie Emeline Tulle Skirt
I actually like the shoes.

How to stay stylish in a heatwave
I just carry a parasol.

Fashion Confessions: The mailman thinks I never get dressed
Another one with home clothes and outside clothes. I teach at a uni, and my work hours are much more flexible than those at a regular 9-5 job, so that I often stay up all night, writing, and then sleep during the day, thus technically eliminating the need for clothes. 🙂 But still, I don’t like sitting around in my nightie, and I don’t want to get cat hair or spill something on my nice clothes, so I usually reserve only the most appalling pieces for staying at home. For instance, I wore a really pretty dirndl-like dress with matching shoes at work today, but when I got home, I changed into a little off-white playsuit my Mum bought me when I was 13 (almost two decades later, it still fits!). If I needed something from the shops, though, I would totally change into something at least a little bit more presentable.

Style Trial: The Matchy-Matchy Look
Not everything, like the woman in the photo, but I do like for my accessories to match. For instance, if I wear a black dress, everything else will probably be red (shoes, bag, earrings, eyeglasses). If I, on the other hand, wear a red dress, I don’t like everything else to be red as well, so all the accessories will still be coordinated, but not red. I like the matchy look, but I still don’t like to look like a power ranger and have everything in the same colour.

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