Style on Trial: Phillip Lim’s fringed boat neck tunic


  Whee! Look how much fun this model is having in her Phillip Lim tunic! SO much fun! Doesn't it make you wish you, too, had a fringed tunic you could twirl around in, although hopefully while wearing some kind of pants or skirt while you were doing it? Well, that's too bad, because this tunic stands accused of committing crimes of fashion, and until we've decided whether it's innocent or guilty, it's not going anywhere.

In short, the accused is charged with:

1. Taking the current trend for fringes way, way too far.

2. Making people look like they have very hairy backs

3. Being too "wacky" for its own good

We did consider an additional charge of "model without pants", but as that's not actually her fault, we're going to let it go.

The tunic is $695 from eLuxury, but what do you think, ladies and gentlemen of the Fashion Police jury: will you convict or acquit it?

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