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Style On Trial: Pastel coloured jeans at Miss Selfridge

Brightly coloured jeans were very popular a few summers ago but now Miss Selfridge are offering jeans and capri length jeans in pale pastel colours – the pink and green shown here (although on our screen the green looks like a sort of dirty grey colour) and a pastel blue.  We would have to see these in person to judge the colours better, but we can’t help but be reminded of jeans in these sorts of shades back in the early ‘90s.

What do you think though?  Is it time to move on to a ‘90s revival after the love for all things ‘80s over the past couple of years (1990 was 20 years ago now after all)?  Or are jeans this colour best left in the past?  If you like them you can buy the pink for £35 here and the green for £30 here.

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