Style On Trial: Open cage skirt by Boutique at Topshop


Cage skirts have been hugely popular across the fashion blogosphere over the last couple of years, and in the "real world" too, if this £45 cage skirt by Topshop Boutique is anything to go by: it sold out within a couple of days, so presumably there are lots of people currently walking around wearing one of these.

What we want to know is, are you one of them?

This skirt is, of course, much less alarming than it may look at first glance, because it's supposed to be worn over something else (leggings, other skirts, etc) rather than by itself, although we wouldn't be AT ALL surprised to see some people try and wear it on its own. Yes, Lady Gaga, we're looking at you.

What say you, readers: will you be working the cage skirt this season, or do you think it should be locked in a cage instead?

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