Style on Trial: Madonna in Marchesa at the W.E New York premiere

Madonna in a black Marchesa dress as the W.E. premiere

We’ve shown you Andrea Riseborough at the New York premiere of W.E., so now here’s the boss lady, Madonna.

You can TELL that Madonna is the boss of this movie, can’t you? Nothing says “don’t mess with me” like big, pouffy shoulders. Madonna’s are by Marchesa, and she’s been getting a lot of praise lately for dressing in a way that’s a little more “age appropriate”, which is one of the most depressing phrases in the fashion lexicon. We wouldn’t expect Madonna cares much about whether people think she’s age appropriate or not, though, and honestly, good for her: she gives us hope that there’s still fashion after 50, and after all, why shouldn’t there be?

What do you think of this look?


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