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Style on Trial: LnA loose side tail white t-shirt

“Fashionable” T-shirts, what do we think? Having sold us every possible incarnation of the basic white T-shirt, designers like to get creative to produce new and innovative versions of this classic to tempt us. Are you tempted?

We appreciate that T-shirt dressing is very in, especially in the summer. And we always like when a designer does a little something different with a well-worn style. This LnA Loose Side Tail Tee, $70 at, has its unique, slouchy silhouette in its favor when you’re considering spending $70 on a T-shirt. It’s very modern, and would certainly be a staple of a casual summer wardrobe.

On the other hand, is slouchy just another word for sloppy? Is this really just an ill-fitting, asymmetric mess? You decide!

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