Style on Trial: Limited Collection pure cotton distressed jeans

Now, the Fashion Police have accepted that distressed denim is making something of a come-back. In the grand scale of holey clothes, ripped jeans are somewhat lesser offenders, not to mention old-timers in the style-crime scene. And while the distressed look is not to everyone’s taste, it is not the rips and tears that particularly offend here.

Ok, we’ll just come straight out with it. These are Mom jeans! The waistband, the blousy thighs – there can be nothing flattering about this style. And lookit – even on the model these look like something your Mum customised for you during your Bros phase in the 80s! We know that Marks and Spencer are particularly popular with Mothers everywhere, but their Limited Collection brand has produced some really funky stuff of late. What went wrong here?

But perhaps you think the Saved by the Bell look is making a come back. If you fancy flaunting your inner Kelly, you can pick these up for the distinctly reasonable price of £35 from a Marks and Spencer near you!

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