Style on Trial: Jaeger swirl print fisherman pants

We were so distracted, nay, hypnotised by the psychedelic pattern on these little beauties, we weren’t even sure which category to file them under: Ugly harem pants? Dressing like a toddler? They do have that diaper-accommodating look about them after all…

In the end it didn’t seem right to send them down without a fair trial, so we thought we’d put them before you, the jury, to decide. Because there’s just that little niggling doubt in our minds that, in fact, the self same fabric in a skirt or the skirt of a dress would be rather fabulous!

If you’re in the “not guilty” camp you can get a pair of swirl print fisherman pants from the Jaeger website for £299.


  • June 1, 2010


    The fabric is great, and these would be fabulous if the side pattern was the only one and there was a normal crotch. It is the long crotch with the pattern pointing straight at the genitalia that makes the pants fail.

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  • June 2, 2010


    When your crotch makes people’s eyes hurt, you know it’s time to stop wearing whatever you’ve covered it in and be sorry. Well, I say crotch. Inter-knee space.

    Anybody who wears these sort of ridiculous things should be forced at gunpoint to wear a nappy underneath, as that’s the only reason to have such a voluminous undercarriage area. Either that or it’s an easy pre-op cover up. Ick.

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  • June 3, 2010


    This one is a real dilemma. Like you say, the fabric in a skirt or dress would be fabulous, and to a degree, I think that, that alone may be the saving grace of this garment.,, but, looking at othe Crimes in the pants category, such as a skinny leg, pleat front sweat pant worn with heels.. these printed drapey beauties don’t even come close to a pair of hand cuffs or an arrest warrant!

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  • June 4, 2010

    Rock Hyrax

    Ugh, I even hate the pattern: looks like it’s inspired by 70s wallpaper (the kind that Beverley from Abigail’s Party would have favoured).

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