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Style on Trial: Irregular Choice stack-heeled shoes


Whoops, looks like the Wicked Witch of the West left a shoe behind, Cinderella style! Or that's who we're reminded of when we look at these shoes, anyway (The witch, that is. Not Cinders.). There's just something very witchy about that heel, which also has the look of a crooked chimney stack about it, don't you think? Perfect for Halloween, then, but for the rest of the year? Probably not.

We're going to give good old Irregular Choice the benefit of the doubt here, though, and leave this decision up to you, our jury. After all, these are far from the worst shoes they've ever made, and they're certainly unusual, which is what IC are famous for, so who knows, maybe you'll find a certain charm in that crooked chimney look. Or then again, maybe not.

Tell us then: what do you think of these shoes? Strictly for fairytale witches, or would you wear them too?

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