Style on Trial: High platform sole shoes


Eagle-eyed Fashion Sleuths that you all are, we're sure it hasn't escaped your notice that the platform sole is having a bit of a "moment" right now – and the higher the better. The shoes you see above are from Office (with the exception of the ones on the far right of the picture, which are from Topshop), who have embraced the platform with particular enthusiasm this season, but extravagant soles are everywhere right – and, of course, we're wondering what you think of them.

As for The Fashion Police, we're happy to welcome the super-high platforms into our lives, and, indeed, into our wardrobes, on the condition that if the platform is high, the heel be reasonably chunky, to help prevent us looking too much like strippers. Although the heels on the shoes above are all in the 5" plus range, the height of the platform will make them feel smaller, so they shouldn't be too hard to walk in – or that's the theory, anyway.

What do you think of them, though – and not just the ones above, but the trend for enormous platforms in general? Is it a crime of fashion, or are platforms innocent of all charges?

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