Style on Trial: furry legwarmers at Marks and Spencer

M&S reversible faux fur leg warmersWe saw these legwarmers in store and can therefore report that they are faux suede on the other side.  (Actually, there are an alarming amount of legwarmer options on the Marks and Spencer website at the moment, but that’s a post for another day.)  Our first thought was ‘what the hell?’ and we still don’t know what to make of them now.  Do you want to wear little bits of faux fur around your ankles?  Why are legwarmers trying to make a comeback?  We think M&S are stretching it a little even calling these legwarmers as they’re not going to keep much more than your ankles warm, let’s face it.

Would you wear these?  How would you wear these (they tie on by the way, something it doesn’t tell you in the details online)?  If you  want to buy them, they are £9.50 here.

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