Style on Trial: floral print blazers


We've been loving blazers this year. Us and everyone else, obviously: they've been all over the high street, worn with everything from wet-look leggings to little floral dresses.

Now, though, the blazers are branching out. Not content to be the classic piece of outerwear they always have been, the blazers want to take centre stage, be the life and soul of the party, make the outfit all about THEM. and they want to do this with floral print. LOUD floral print. The kind of floral print that has us reaching for our sunglasses because it's just so! damn! bright!

To say we're not fans of this look would be like saying that Lady Gaga can look a little bit eccentric sometimes. So yeah, we hate it. Although, to be fair, we'd probably say that about any double-breasted blazer, because they're just not our thing.

Topshop had lots of this style in stock just last month, however, so someone out there must like them. Mustn't they? That's why these are up On Trial. What do you think of them? Are they the Crimes of Fashion we think they are, or is there a way to wear them and avoid arrest?

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