Style on Trial: Face detail pumps from Topshop

We’re slightly embarrassed to admit that it wasn’t until we read the product description next to these shoes that we realised what the design on the toe was actually supposed to be. Until then we were just a little but distracted by the “pearl necklace” that forms the ankle strap, and, pearls on shoes being one of our pet hates, we weren’t too impressed.

Then we realised that, as well as the necklace, these shoes actually have a FACE. See the eyelashes, and the lipsticked mouth? They’re also flesh coloured (for some, anyway), which means they could create the illusion that your feet have faces.

We’re tempted to call that a crime of fashion? What about you?

(If you don’t think there’s any crime being committed here, these are £20 at Topshop)

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