Style on Trial: Emporio Armani jersey stretch swimsuit


Well. This is certainly, um, different, isn't it? At a time when so many swimwear designers seem to be obsessed with creating vaguely obscene looking monokinis, Emporio Armani have gone in the other direction, creating a one-piece that will cover quite a lot of you up, while still leaving you with some creative tan lines.

The question: is this a crime of fashion, or is it unique and fabulous?

Personally, we're going to go with "crime of fashion", mostly because we can totally imagine Lady Gaga wearing it, and that's generally a good litmus test, we find. We also don't think it would be particularly practical for the pool or beach, and while we've never been of the opinion that all clothes must be purely practical (a quick glance inside our shoe closet would confirm this) we're also not too keen on clothes designed purely for posing in.

But what do you think? This Emporio Armani swimsuit has been accused of committing crimes of fashion. Should we convict or acquit? You choose…

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