Style on Trial: Emanuel Ungaro Suede vest

Howdy cowgirls! Sadlle on up now, it’s time to ride out and drove on home them thar cattle…

Nope, the Fashion Police would not make for good cowgirls. For one thing, we can’t really speak the lingo. For another, well, the vast majority of our footwear simply wouldn’t make the grade. And we’re not yet ready to give up the stilleto heels.

Luckily for us, Emanuel Ungaro have clearly recognised our dilemma and come up with a way to let us look the part, even if we can’t get in on the act. And what with suede – particularly beige suede – being such an easy-care material, we know you’ll all be chomping at the bit to get your hands on their suede vest. Of course, if the suede and the cowgirl associations haven’t swayed you already, they have one more ace up their sleeve still to play. Because this vest comes with its very own skirt!

By which we mean that the vest is “skirted”. “Skirted” in the sense that it comes with an attached skirt. But not one practical enough to be worn alone, oh no. Not even one practical enough to make the vest into a dress – though we wouldn’t be surprised if this showed up on the red carpet worn with little or nothing underneath…

What do you think? Can you see this vest working in your wardrobe? How would you wear it?

Emanuel Ungaro suede vest: £1,610 £483 from The Outnet.


  • July 2, 2010


    This must be the outcome of the Lindsay Lohan influence.

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  • July 2, 2010


    What, more useless than that, I can’t imagine

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