Style on trial: Emanuel Ungaro fringed woven dress

The Fashion Police are truly torn on the subject of this dress. The colours are divine – those delectable shades of green so beautifully drawn out by the turquoise, well, they’re just lovely! The fabric could potentially look a bit like that old 70s throw from your Gran’s sofa, but somehow doesn’t. And the shape is simple, flattering, easy to wear.

But the tassles. The tassles!

We know tassles have featured in quite a number of collections over recent years, but they have mostly featured on belts, or necklaces, or anywhere more practical than around the elbows. Because let’s face it, these are going to annoy you like heck, bouncing around your elbows as you try to type, catching in the buckle of your shoulder bag or on the arm rests on the train, tickling your arm and making you sure that creepy-crawlies are creeping and crawling over your arm… They’re just not practical.

If practicality is not paramount to your wardrobe, you can pick this pretty number up for £985 £246.25 from The Outnet. Will you be splashing out?

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