Style on Trial: Dsquared2 high-heeled boots

dsquared2 boots

Yikes. We’re not actually sure where to start with these babies! Perhaps with the two-tone foot featuring over-sized stitch detailing. Or the verging-on-garish colour combination. We feel justified at least in saying that there is far too much going on…

Which makes us wonder what, exactly, we could wear these with. It would be far too easy to go overboard with anything but the simplest of dresses… But pair them with a simple denim number, for example, and one could easily end up looking likely on the way to a Wild West theme party!

So what do you think – could you put together an ensemble to pull these off? Would you get enough wear out of them to justify the £805 price tag? How would you wear them – if you’d wear them at all?

Dsquared2 high-heeled boots, £805 from

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