I’d wear them, at home, meeting my friends. I might …

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I’d wear them, at home, meeting my friends. I might put them with otherwise horrendously coloured/patterned tights/leggings, maybe a quirky top. Some days I pretend to be normal, some days I recapture my inner teenager (at 26 not so long ago), and some days I just really want dungaree shorts.

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Kilt-leg trousers by Jean Paul Gaultier and Marc Jacobs
As a video gamer I have to say, these look very similar to the character designs coming out of Japan’s Square Enix, who make, among other things, the Final Fantasy series. Look up Final Fantasy X-2, or the film Final Fantasy Advent Children, and you’ll see several of these things.


Maison Martin Margiela t-shirt with fur detail
I’m making a Frankenstein’s Dog costume at the moment, it looks very similar.

The Snazzy Napper: it’s the snazzy way to sleep, y’all!
I’d rather do the same thing with a coat or cardi than try that thing… and I don’t like to even think about sleeping on public transport.

Would you wear… Faux fur wolf ears from Topshop?
Honestly, the worst part is they look back-to-front – I’m fairly sure the ears are pointing in the wrong direction. So even *if* you were inclined to such sillyness, they’d be a bad buy anyway.

Wear or Die: Comme des Garcons Edition
Since Black Lace clearly has a flesh coloured strapless bra on, juding by the sudden skin tone difference, and the strangely opaque patch at waist level, underwear is probably allowed.

Black Lace would be my choice, as I’d prefer to trust my self to conceal potential trouble areas with arms etc, than show of my belly, which is a definite trouble spot.

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