Style on Trial: Deliberately ripped tights, as seen on Peaches Geldof


Well, it looks like the dreaded Clothes Ripper has struck again, and poor Peaches Geldof has been targeted for a second time! What did she do to attract the ire of the Ripper this time, we wonder?

Of course, joking aside, the "oops, I laddered my tights, but I don't care because that's how totally badass I am!" look has been around ever since Rodarte sent models in carefully ripped tights down the runway last year (and before that, too, for that matter), but here's Peaches, who lets no trend go untried, arriving at Nice airport this weekend in her own version. Nice hair.

What do you think of deliberately laddered tights, readers? We think his is a hard look to pull off – if we tried it, we'd just look like homeless people, for instance, and passers-by would throw us their spare change – but what about you? Are you rocking ripped tights, or does the very sight of them make you want to offer their wearer a pot of clear nail polish, in a bid to repair the "damage"?

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