Ah, they make me so mad, cos often they could …

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Ah, they make me so mad, cos often they could be really cute tops if onkly they were normal length!
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THOSE Topman shirts: offensive or not?
I hate the first one :/ I really dont get the referring to women as dogs thing..its kinda gross….But I’ve seen the other one a few times and never once did my mind jump to violence..

Style on Trial: Shorts with visible pockets
I must admit owning a pair of visible-pocket-shorts, but tuck the pockets up into them most of the time…unless i am actually using the pockets as..pockets, then it looks pretty dubious

Fashion Trends: the Midi skirt makes a comeback
I think they look amazing! But not for little old me with my tiny stumpy legs!

John Galliano gives his side of the story
Did that even make sense? if he had no part in it and it was all unfounded allegations and unprovoked attacks, why is he seeking help and apologizing so much?

Shabby Chic takes over the fashion world
being grungey at heart, i appriciate worn out clothes..but the point is to wear them out yourself! to live in them! not pay more money for stuff to look worse. this is part of my ongoing hatred of faded/distressed items. just live your life damnit.

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