Ugly. Je ne les aime pas :( …

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Ugly. Je ne les aime pas 🙁

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Westboro Baptist Church hates fashion week, is grateful for 9/11
I hate seeing photos like this, because this is what gets media attention and can send the wrong message out to people about Christianity, as if all Christians were nutjobs like the ones above (although, I think most people will understand that those guys are definitely a special case… :/) I’m not particularly religious, but grrr, people like this make me mad!

Marilyn Manson’s girlfriend stages fake flashing, Fashion Police investigating
That’s the worst thing I’ve seen in a really, really long time I think.

Rihanna wears Antonio Berardi while promoting her new fragrance in London
My grandma has pants like that.

Ugly Prom Dress Alert: Lucious Lamé
Why does the first one say it has a “full skirt” when it really doesn’t have much of a skirt at all?

Winter 2011 Fashion Trends: pussy bows
I’m excited that these are getting more popular, I’ve actually been looking around for clothes with pussy bows! Yay

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