Style on Trial: Clear boots by Cheap Monday

OK, everyone, we need you to stop looking at the model’s highly visible nipples, and concentrate on her feet for a minute, because we’re actually here to talk about her boots. (Can we also talk about The Shiny, do you think? Or will that make her even angrier than she is already? Why is she so shiny, though? Are the plastic boots trapping heat and sending it straight to her head? Because it’s not like her sweater is offering much in the way of coverage, is it?)

These boots are being described by most commentators as “rain boots”, presumably because they’re plastic, and probably waterproof. Other than that, however, they’re as different from rain boots as it’s possible to be, given that they’re thigh high with a stiletto heel. There’s also an ankle-high version:

(Warning: there are more nipples under the jump, so if you’re hoping to remain a nipple-free zone today, don’t say we didn’t warn you..)

See-through boots, nipples, shiny forehead: it’s the Cheap Monday look, everyone!

What are your thoughts on these? A great solution for a rainy day, or just a rather odd way to make you look like you’re walking around in your bare feet? You decide.

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