Style on Trial: Christopher Kane’s fitted scalloped detail trousers


  Last month we asked you what you thought of Christopher Kane's scalloped detail dress, and the jury was largely in favour of it, although many of you felt it was more appropriate as a work of art than as something you'd wear.

Your work is not yet done, though, ladies and gentlemen of the Fashion Police jury, for today we want to hear your judgement on the same designer's scalloped detail trousers. These are probably a little more wearable than the dress, purely by virtue of the fact that they're a pair of black trousers, and black trousers are always going to be easier to wear than an OTT evening dress, but the question is, would you wear them?

If the answer to that is "yes", you're going to need a LOT of spare cash, because these are £1,350 at Browns.

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