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Style on Trial: Christian Louboutin’s Carnival d’Orsay Peep-Toe Pumps


As regular readers will know, Chrstian Louboutin is a little bit like a God to us, but these shoes… well, they kinda look like they're wearing a wig, no? An afro wig. Is anyone else seeing that, or is it just us?

Here's the back view:


We're also wondering what these would actually look like on. We're guessing "huge" might be a word you'd apply to them. We're also thinking that all of that petal-shaped fabric around the heel would move in the breeze as you walked, and make you feel like you were about to take flight.

 And yet, they're extravagant and dramatic, and we generally like those things in shoes, so we're going to turn this decision over to you, dear readers. Tell us, what do you think of Christian Louboutin's Carnival d'orsay peep-toe pumps? Fashion Crime or Damn Fine?

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