Style on Trial: Chloe’s high heeled wedge sneakers


  WARNING! WARNING! We have an incoming "wedge sneakers" situation here, folks, clear the area!

Or, actually, do we have a situation with these? The Fashion Police are always quick to react when we see sneakers try to pass themselves off as high heels, remaining firm in our belief that trainers are for sports or casual wear only – they have no business growing heels, even wedge ones. No, we've always thought sneakers should just concentrate on what they do best – being cute n' casual – and let the "grown up" shoes deal with the high heels.

The thing is, though, we look at these See by Chloe wedge sneakers, which are quite clearly masquerading as high heels, and being as bold as brass about it, and… we don't hate them. That doesn't mean we'd wear them – hell, they're $266 for one thing, and if we're spending that much on shoes we don't want to be able to use the word "sneaker" to describe them – but they're somehow not pressing our buttons the way they normally would.

Have we just had too much coffee and doughnuts this morning? Tell us, readers, are the wedge sneakers a crime of fashion?

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