Style on Trial: Bow side skinny jeans from Topshop

bow-side-skinny-jeansOn the one hand, we’re pleased to see that the holes that’ve been popping up in clothes recently have started to take some kind of shape – and a nice one, at that. Come on, you all know how much we like bows!

On the other hand, though: way to make our calves look bigger than they are, Topshop! And to give them an odd, “ridged” look when viewed from the front!

So we’re undecided about these. We’re guessing the addition of socks in a contrasting colour underneath could make these quite interesting, but then again, they’d have to be knee-high and very thin to fit under those skinny legs, and tights-under-jeans are one of those things we just don’t like, so we’re thinking cold legs, with blue-coloured bows on them would probably be the order of the day here.

What do you think, though? If you like them, they’re £50 from Topshop.

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