Style on trial: Boohoo’s Lotty Necklace jumpsuit

Lotty necklace jumpsuit

Well, this is an interesting one, isn’t it? In some ways it is something of a work of art, not only in the pattern, but also in shape. Something about this jumpsuit suggests it should be framed and hung in a modern art museum…

But would you actually wear a work of art out? Would you walk down the street in a Van Gogh canvas, or enter a club wrapped in a Matisse?

And what of the attached “necklace” that contributes to the jumpsuit’s name? Would you rather your accessories were a little more interchangeable – giving you the option to mix and match, or do you like the fact that the work’s been done for you?!

If you’re not yet sold on this one, perhaps the price with sway you. You can pick one up for a very cheap £18 from Boohoo.

Cheap for a work of art – but would you wear it?

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