Style On Trial: Givenchy’s Black Spazzolato feather shoes

Feather_shoesWe’ve spoken before of our reservations concerning feathers. In simple terms, we prefer them on birds. Live ones, that is. When they’re not attached to birds? Well, we find them a little bit creepy, to be honest. It’s not a fashion thing: it’s one of those totally inexplicable phobia things, and we have absolutely no idea where it came from, but we do know it makes us ill-qualified to stand in judgment on these Givenchy Spazzolato shoes. We just can’t be unbiased when all we can think of is those icky feathers brushing against our bare ankles, but we have a sneaking suspicion that, feather phobia aside, they may be really quite beautiful, with the right outfit.

Are we right? Are these shoes “heavenly”, as Zappos say, or do you prefer not to wear feathers on your feet, thanks very much?

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