Style on Trial: Ostrich feather dress by Burberry Prorsum


We may have mentioned this before, but just in case you missed it, let us say again upfront that The Fashion Police are no fans of feathers – unless, of course, they’re still attached to their original owners. In fact, when they’re used like this, on clothes, we actually find them downright creepy. It was no surprise to us, then, to find that this ostrich feather dress by Burberry Prorsum had been relegated to the "sale" section of Net-a-Porter – although, when we say "sale" we mean "it’ll still cost you £1288". Then we say, "Who on earth would pay that much to look like Big Bird’s less colourful cousin? WHO?"

We’re prepared to admit, though, that our feather phobia could be standing in the way here, and preventing us from seeing this dress as clearly as might otherwise be the case. So we’re putting it On Trial. It’s up to you, Fashion Police Jury: is this dress guilty of Crimes Against Fashion?

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