Style on Trial: Vera Wang’s rhinestone snake collar


We’d have said your opinions on this snake collar by Vera Wang would probably depend on whether you love snakes or hate them, but the truth is, we neither love nor particularly hate our slithery, scaly friends (OK, we wouldn’t want to find one in bed with us, but you know what we mean…) and we still can’t quite decide how we feel about this piece. We can kinda see Net-a-Porter’s point about it making a “statement”, but we’re just not sure whether that statement is one we’d really want to make. We are, after all, Gryffindor House all the way…

The £455 price tag would be the deciding factor here either way, because that’s just a little out of our price range for snake-inspired jewellery, but even if it wasn’t, we think that snake is probably just a little too chunky for comfort. What do you think readers? Would you wear it? If so, you can buy it at Net-a-Porter.

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