Style on Trial: Puma ‘Osu Rainbow’ Sneaker


The last time we dared to criticise a pair of trainers, our words were greeted with absolute horror by some of you, who said that we just didn’t "get" it, and that we deserved to have our Fashion Police badges taken away from us for calling such wonderful shoes crimes of fashion.

Well, you were right about the "not getting it" bit, anyway. Because the things is, we just don’t. "Get it", that is. We don’t get why anyone would choose to wear trainers/sneakers/whatever you want to call them for non-sport related purposes AT ALL, to be perfectly honest with you, but we especially don’t get it when the sneakers in question come in all the colours of the rainbow, like these ‘Osu Rainbow’ sneakers from Puma.

Educate us, then, of Fashion Police Cadets. Tell us if you like these or not, and if you do like them, why? (And keep it clean, please – remember, abuse just gets deleted!)

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