Yeah convict it. Actually can you just do a round-up …

Comment on Style on Trial: Marc by Marc Jacobs ‘Party Girl’ fringed bag by Am.

Yeah convict it. Actually can you just do a round-up of all “designer” items with the “designer’s” name sprawled all over it? And everything with fringes? Stuff with both? just don’t question the fugliness of it. It just is!

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Crochet Crimes: The crochet monokini
Fran, I don’t think its there for getting wet (ie swimming) But I can imagine the tan lines too, so apart from being a hideous garment it is enitirely useless too!

Puffball shorts. Puff. Ball. Shorts.
I was going to add that the sandals are hideous, but it looks like Natalia beat me to it! Sandals = hideaos. Shorts = hideous. Round them up, throw them in jail then put them through some kind of rehab.

Dress of the Day: Houndstooth plaid ‘Darlene’ dress by EC Star
That is a darling dress, one of the best dress of the day for ages. Great find.

Another Boots-Pretending-to-be-Shoes Shocker
I think I just threw up a little…

Heart-toed shoes by Alexander McQueen, just in time for Valentine’s Day
oooh, I have pair of navy and cream vintage shoes which are slightly similar to these (not so high obviously!) I’ll have to dust them off and take them out for a stroll!

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