There is nothing i like about it. nothing. so out …

Comment on Style on Trial: Marc by Marc Jacobs ‘Party Girl’ fringed bag by marian.

there is nothing i like about it. nothing. so out of character! but yes… that is a fashion crime.

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Wear or Die: Yellow and green should never be seen
i think the yellow is hilarious. i will totally try and rock that out.

Aretha Franklin’s hat steals show at Barack Obama’s inauguration
i love the hat and want one (even if i couldn’t pull it off).

Possibly the scariest shoes ever. EVER.
those triggered my gag reflex. they are hideous.

Wear or Die: London Fashion Week edition
outfit a. i like it. like with seriousness. outfit b reminds me of what the white witch in narnia would wear to seduce someone. no thank you.

Best Dressed at the 2008 Emmys Part 1: Olivia Wilde, Evangeline Lilly, Jennifer Morrison or Marcia Cross?
knowing that lilly is uber-short, i think that dress is amazing on her. she looks lanky and beautiful. i love wilde’s whole look – the earrings, hair, dress. morrison’s dress doesn’t do anything for me — i actually kind of hate it in a dynasty/beauty queen kind of way. and cross looks as beautiful as she can considering her plastique features (harsh, i know) – the dress is incredible. i would feel like the best looking ballerina ever in it.

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