Http:// I’m not very good with denim… …

Comment on Style Challenge: What to Wear With a Denim Corset Top? by Milly.

I’m not very good with denim…

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Royal Wedding: Are you desperate to steal Kate Middleton’s style?
You’re right of course. She dresses like a royal-to-be, which is fine as that is what she is. But she has no personal style. Indeed, she often looks quite frumpy, although perfectly acceptable. Style Icon she is not.

I feel the same way about SamCam, and she’s often worn some quite nice things.

John Galliano gives his side of the story
This is a difficult one for me, as a fashionista & a Jew. The man is a genius, but also a bigot. He has been filmed saying bewilderingly offensive things. Do I think he should lose his job for it? Not really. Do I think he deserves to go to prison for it (making anti-Semitic remarks in France carries 6 months of jail time)? No. At the end of the day, it’s just hurt feelings. Do I think he should admit fault & apologise properly and profusely for offending a race of people, many of whom he has worked with (c.f. Natalie Portman)? Yes. And it saddens me that he is seemingly incapable of this.

Totally inexplicable shorts by Comme des Garcons
I do like the windy-day petticoat idea. My skirts go wild on a blustery day!

Oh Deer: Jean Charles de Castelbajac Bambi court shoes
I actually really like them…just not enough to spend £520 on them. Alas.

Style Challenge: What to wear with bunny ears?
I really like Minka’s. I can really see that working, for some reason.

Anyway, here’s mine. A little high octane glamour that makes no sense:

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